List of Top 10 Biggest Auto Insurance Companies in United States (U.S)

10 major car insurance companies in the country represent more than two third of the market share in the United States. Among the top insurance companies, car discounts such as multiple policy packs and driver drivers are sure to reign supreme. To get the right prices and find the ideal policy for your needs, use the car insurance comparison tool or get quotes from many companies to make sure you get the most competitive rates available

1. Geico

If you prefer to manage your account online and not personally, Geico is a great option for you. Geico offers some of the lowest prices on auto insurance in addition to simple online applications and account management tools. Some of the other features that make the Geico stand out include optional coverage types such as mechanical breakdown, roadside assistance and emergency refund reimbursement.

During the review of the Geico 2016, JD Power ranked Geico as an average overall satisfaction. Also AM. Best and Standard & Poor’s greatly value Geico for its financial strength.

2. State Farm

With more than 18% market share, Farm State is the Second largest home car and insurer in the US and has more than 18,000 agents spread across its nationwide network and extensive menu of more than 100 services, making it easy to see why many drivers turn to the state farm for insurance needs This provider offers multiple discounts on auto insurance, including:

Get Free Credit Score
Discounts without accidents
Against theft
Defensive driving course
Drive safe and save
Has a policy of homeowners
During a review of a government review for 2016, JD Power rated the country’s farms as the above average with overall satisfaction. M. Best ranks it as an excellent financial strength. On the downside, you need to switch state agent state to get policy, and agents do not offer any information about competitors who may provide policies with more favorable conditions.


Although Alstate prices are at the top end, the insurance company offers a solid menu of discounts that help shave up to 30% off premiums, including a prime discount that rewards you for driving for three years without accidents or violations with a 22% discount. This provider offers a great selection of services ranging from home auto insurance and life insurance, annuities and mutual funds.

J.D. Power of 2016 Review Allstate gave the company an average rating with overall satisfaction. It also earns excellent rating from A.M Best on the basis of its financial strength.

4. Progressive

What sets advanced besides other insurers is your “name and price” tool, which helps you find the policy that matches your budget. Progressive also has an online quote tool that gives you an estimate of the company rates along with some of its top competitors. With many combined discounts, including multi-car and safe driver discounts, it’s easy to create a custom package with just the right amount of premium coverage that works for you.

In the ongoing 2016 review, JD rated power progressed as an average overall satisfaction. M. Best gives an advanced A + for financial stability and strength.


USAA’s auto policies are created specifically for military families and include additional features such as long-term auto insurance discount. To be eligible, you must be eligible according to the USAA criteria, which include one of the following:

Military activist: Member of the Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard or Marines
Former Army: A person who separated or retired with a respectable discharge
Family: Never remarried ex-spouses, widows and widowers of USAA members or children whose parent (s) had either USAA property or auto insurance
Students and staff: Individuals enrolled in US service academies, advanced ROTC or ROTC scholarships
In a review of USAA, A.M. Best Awarded USAA A ++ For Financial Power. This leads also consistently earns high marks for customer satisfaction.

6. Farmers

Farmers offer 85 years of experience to go beyond simple, bare legal and legal cover. If you are interested in additional features for your car insurance policy, farmers insurance has some great options. Optional supplements include forgiveness of accidents, small forgiveness for forgiveness and replacement of new cars. Some of the assumptions he offers are company affinities that are open to professionals such as teachers, accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots, firefighters, scientists and police.

In 2016 farmers review, JDe power ranked farmers as the average overall customer satisfaction. AM Best gives him an excellent rating based on the company’s financial strength.

7. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Trust includes some added value additions in its auto policy, making the company a smart option if you are looking for these benefits. Some of the additional benefits of a Loyalty Insurance policy include an accident forgiveness after spending five years in a pre-and-free accident, a life-long warranty and 24 hour roadside assistance.

A review of Liberty by 2016 by JD Power rated the company as an average of overall customer satisfaction. AM Best gives him an excellent rating based on the company’s financial strength.

8. Nationwide

Nationwide carries everything from auto insurance to pet home and identify theft insurance and financial services, making the company ideal as a one-stop shop if you need some types of policy. When Nationalwide sets itself apart with a few of its additions, the deductible includes disappears that rewards you for each year you drive without incident by deducting your deductible.

JD Power’s 2016 review nationwide revealed average overall customer satisfaction. M. Best insurer with A + on financial robustness.

9. American Family

The American family is the ninth largest auto insurance company in the United States, and it is well considered for its low prices in its large menu of services. In addition to car insurance, you can get homeowners, boat, condo, farm, business or farm insurance along with financial products such as investments and retirement accounts.

In American family reviews, both J.D. Power consumer reports give American family ratings excellent for satisfaction claims. A.M ranks the leading insurance carrier as having excellent financial robustness.

10. Travelers

Travelers is a big name in the insurance game, with a high profile history dating back to 1864. In addition to being the tenth largest car insurance provider in the country, Travelers is also the sixth largest home insurance company. The company’s website is simple to use and the insurer offers a wide range of discounts. Travelers offers personal insurance experience and sells auto insurance coverage through a network of 13,000 agents located throughout the country.

Review of Travelers 2016 by J.D. Power reveals average customer satisfaction. A. The best is classified as having excellent financial strength.



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